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A Thought on Moroccan Politics

Monir Barouk writes on the website of Nadia Yassine:

    …power is monopolized by the monarchy, which is indeed a vague, unlimited and omnipotent system that interferes in everything, but at the same time admits responsibility of nothing.

Nadia Yassine is the daughter of Abdesselam Yassine, the founder and head of Al Adl Wal Ihsane, the Justice and Spirituality movement. Sheikh Yessine is a longtime critic of the Moroccan monarchy, from what we might call a fundamentalist Islamic perspective. His daughter Nadia drew attention to herself last year by saying publicly that she would prefer a republic to a monarchy. In Morocco this is enough to invite the attention of the police, and put oneself at risk of imprisonment.

It’s a long story, and no doubt we’ll go into this at a later time. For now, let me say that without endorsing the aims of the movement (which are notoriously unclear) to me the above words ring true. The monarchy as an institution is involved in every sphere of Moroccan life, from the army to religion to the courts to the economy, yet at the same time it is above critique. A paradox, yes?


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