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Did I Do Enough?

A courageous post today from billmon:

    I’ve probably been as guilty as anyone of thinking of the war as some sort of strategy game, or a domestic political issue or a fascinating, if bloody, story—a news junkie’s next fix. When you’re 8,000 miles…away from the war, it’s easy to distance yourself, intellectually and emotionally….
    There’s also a natural tendency…to make it all about us—to consciously or unconsciously treat the Iraqis like extras (or worse, bloody mannequins) in a Mad Max remake produced and directed by Americans. […]
    The point deserves frequent repetition: We did this. We caused it. We’re not just callous bystanders to genocide, as in Rwanda, but the active ingredient that made it possible. […]
    I’ve opposed this war since it was just a malignant smirk on George Bush’s face. I’ve spoken against it, written against it, marched against it, supported and contributed to politicians I generally despise because I thought (wrongly) that they might do something to stop it. It’s why I took up blogging, why I started this blog.
    But the question Riverbend has forced me to ask myself is: Did I do enough? And the only honest answer is no. […]
    We were all complicit. I was complicit. Because I was afraid—afraid to sacrifice my comfortable middle class lifestyle, afraid to lose my job and my house, afraid of the IRS, afraid to go to jail.

Everyone in this room is guilty.” So the next question is, are we about to do it all over again, only many times worse, in Iran?


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