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No to Borat, Free Kareem

Egyptian blogger SeptiC doesn’t like Borat. He notices a double standard:

    It might also be interesting to dwell on the possible motivations inducing a one trick Zionist comedian hack to choose a real nation, and in fact, a nation whose population is mostly Islamic to be the home of the idiot character he portrays—when a fictional nation would have served just as well. One wonders if the extra toxicity was necessary….
    It might be interesting to wonder how an American media might react to the inverse situation; that a Muslim actor make a movie in which he plays a stupid, rude, crass, offensive, creepy, clumsy, buffoon of a Jew with the likely name of, say, Cohen.

By the way, a lot of weird stuff has been happening in Egypt lately. A young blogger named Kareem was arrested for “defaming the president of Egypt, incitement to overthrow the regime and incitement to hate Islam.” Activists were arrested and beaten for protesting an earlier sexual harrassment incident in downtown Cairo. Way to go Egypt! Maybe what we need is an “Egyptian Moses.” Let my people go!


Comment from Amine
Time: November 20, 2006, 01:36

Thumbs up man for the Borat stuff ! Remember that the previous movie was “Ali G” ?
And by the way really nice metaphore “let my people go” !!

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