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What Went Wrong?

Kenneth Adelman, one of the Iraq war’s early promoters, speaks out:

    There are a lot of lives that are lost. A country’s at stake. A region’s at stake. This is a gigantic situation…. This didn’t have to be managed this bad. It’s just awful.

I call bullshit. Awful doesn’t begin to describe it. It’s not just a question of bad management. The horrors Iraq is living through were entirely foreseeable. Nothing you say here counts as recognition of your moral responsibility. Your cluelessness and depravity haven’t gone away, you’re just trying to put the blame somewhere else.

I was trying to decide what this reminded me of. I came up with this:

    Want-to-be heroes push their way in where they aren’t needed. They make a mess of things, then rely on their sense of honor to explain it away. “My intentions were the best. If I pushed her into the buzzsaw, it was only to save her from the snake.”


Comment from Ibn Kafka
Time: November 26, 2006, 20:06

Kenneth Adelman, isn’t that the neo-con who talked, prior to the invasion of Iraq, of it as a “cakewalk”?

Comment from eatbees
Time: November 26, 2006, 21:11

I just went and found the original article, “Cakewalk in Iraq,” Washington Post, February 13, 2002 (very early indeed!):

“I believe demolishing Hussein’s military power and liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk.”

He also said:

“Hussein constitutes the number one threat against American security and civilization. Unlike Osama bin Laden, he has billions of dollars in government funds, scores of government research labs working feverishly on weapons of mass destruction [wrong!] — and just as deep a hatred of America and civilized free societies.”

“Civilized free societies”…!?!? I almost feel sorry for the man and his regurgitated thought process. He also said:

“Measured by any cost-benefit analysis, such an operation would constitute the greatest victory in America’s war on terrorism.”

This is not exactly a first-class mind. It’s not a very well-written article either. What’s embarassing is that the Post published it.

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