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Archive for November, 2006

Young Moroccans Debate Morality

“Either we follow the instructions of our religion to the letter, and that’s the ideal, or at least we agree to be honest with ourselves and admit that if someone has a past before marriage, then the other party has the right to it too….”

Privilege and Freedom

The sense of entitlement and freedom in Morocco is not equal in all social classes, and sometimes I wonder if Moroccans themselves understand this. For those whose parents already have money, and who are free to travel to Europe and study there, there is little to fear. But for a son or daughter of the poor, the situation is very different.

God Is Real

If the senses are false and God is real, then we are God because there is nothing else…?

Young Moroccans, A Neglected Future

Young people sense the indifference towards them, whether by failing to encourage their participation in political decisions, or by failing to create structures that might allow them to exploit their energies. Despite the discussions, conferences, programs and projects directed at young people, these remain words divorced from action.

Who Lost Iraq?

From Arthur Silber’s blog Once Upon a Time: “The blatantly obvious truth that all these political propagandists ignore is that, because of our unshakable ignorance about Iraq, its peoples, its culture and its history, we lost before the first American soldier set foot in that country.”

Worth Less

Dead babies, courtesy of Israel. 18 civilians died in their homes, in their sleep. Most were children. The prime minister of Israel called it a “technical failure” and said he was sorry.

Victory, Now Get to Work

For years those of us who love social justice and our Constitution have suffered as arrogance, incompetence and greed have eroded our democratic system. Many of us have wondered if a day like today would ever come. What would it take to wake up the American people?

Important Elections

The Congressional elections are tomorrow. For those of you who aren’t following this closely, control of both houses of Congress is in play. The near-universal expert opinion is that the Democrats will pick up enough seats in the House to gain control, and Nancy Pelosi will become Speaker.

Reform or Revolution?

In researching my article about monarchy and democracy in Morocco, I came across an article by Nadia Lamilli called “Moroccan Monarchy Put to the Test.” It makes a number of provocative points while discussing the constitutional reform movement and what such reforms might mean.

The Friendly Fist

For a foreigner, the ubiquity of the king can be both annoying and frightening. On the very day of my arrival in Morocco, I noticed billboards throughout Tangier with huge photos of the king. Was this a personality cult, I wondered? What possible reason did the king have to impose himself in this way?