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Collision Course

The U.S. is stationing two aircraft carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf and may soon send a third to the region.

The U.S. is shipping anti-missile batteries into the region, and the only nation it makes sense to use them against is Iran.

President Bush recently replaced the commanding officer of Centcom, which covers both Iraq and Iran, with a naval officer. This doesn’t make much sense if the theatre of battle is Iraq, where 140,000 ground troops are deployed, but it might make more sense if hostilities will soon shift to Iran, where naval and air forces would be used.

President Bush recently declared that he would be targeting Iranian operatives working within Iraq. An early example of this was the kidnapping of five Iranian nationals from a consulate in Arbil. The new strategy is provocative, no doubt deliberately so.

There has been talk of U.S. forces operating inside Iran as well.

In an embarassing setback that reveals worrysome holes in U.S. force security in Iraq, enemy gunmen posing as American troops raided a military compound, killed one U.S. soldier and abducted four others. The four were found hours later in the desert, dead or dying from bullet wounds to the head. Some have speculated that the Iranians were behind this carefully planned and highly disciplined raid, as retaliation for the kidnapping of their diplomats.

Iran has announced that it is beginning a new phase of its nuclear energy program, the linking of up to 3000 centrifuges in an underground facilty. They are going ahead despite clear warnings from the U.S. and others that this will increase tensions even further.

It is well known that Dick Cheney, who runs things in the White House, is chomping at the bit to attack Iran, and is waiting impatiently for the “diplomatic track” to fail. He and his neoconservative supporters have always seen the invasion of Iraq as simply a prelude to attacking Iran and toppling its Islamic regime.

Israel has warned that if the U.S. does not strike Iran and destroy its nuclear facilities, they are prepared to do so within a matter of months.

There are those who say that only insane men seek power, or that power drives men insane. Can the world be saved from insane men in positions of power? What will it take?


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