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Archive for June, 2007

Some Recent Thoughts

The divine, though it generates us and feeds us, hides itself from us behind a mask of obviousness, banality—or behind a mask of absence, so we might perceive ourselves to be independent and develop our own sense of mastery, figuring it out for ourselves, earning the Kingdom, making it our own.

What’s Your Excuse?

Fun with friends in San Francisco….

The Religions Agree!

I’ve been struck by the way great religious thinkers struggling to express the presence of God in the world have used the same concepts and almost the same language, though living centuries apart and coming from traditions which, on the surface at least, have been hostile.


In the last twenty years, what has changed in the vision of how we should live, or the execution of that vision? Perhaps not much. We still seek to use technology to build an artificial paradise of ease and comfort. The illusion we’ve created is perpetuating itself.