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Archive for July, 2007

Slapping Camus

Here is an example of a line of thinking that seemed, in its day, to be revolutionary in its lucidity, a major advance in our understanding of the human condition, yet sixty years later it strikes me as completely outmoded, little more than childish stubborness masquerading as intellectual heroism.

A Game That Is Real

“It is a mistake to regard myth as an inferior mode of thought, which can be cast aside when human beings have attained the age of reason. … It is a game that transfigures our fragmented, tragic world, and helps us to glimpse new possibilities by asking ‘what if?'”

Why I Can’t Support Obama

I despair of ever seeing a U.S. president with a progressive foreign policy, which to me means practicing the same principles of justice and equality outside our borders that we proclaim as our own fundamental rights.

Sounds Like Morocco

It is essential to have bureaucrats who believe in public service. We take this for granted in the U.S., because we assume it has to be this way. But I’ve experienced Moroccan bureaucracy, where government officials make you feel as welcome as a fly on their sandwich….

Pagan / Patriot

An Iranian pagan. An American patriot.

A Sad Story

Finally, part of the explanation for the terror scare that has been hovering over Morocco in recent months.

Culture Clash

“U.S. Treasury agent Pete Trask…bursts into the room, throws a squealing pig at the Iranian official, and says, ‘Here rag-head! Take this little fellow home and barbecue him for breakfast!’ The agent then flees, having effectively sabotaged the treaty.”

Tyranny and Resistance

The reason why “rule of law” is important is to contain the bullies. It’s easy for them to get into positions of authority and become tyrants, because that is their nature. So the most important thing in a system of government is transparency and the balance of powers.

Thinking Blogger Redux

The Thinking Blogger award I received has now traveled through 28 more blogs to arrive at The Genetic Genealogist…. If you’re interested in how “degrees of separation” work on the internet, check out the post where Dr. Bettinger links to each blog in the chain.

The Price of Mint

I’ve recently started making Moroccan mint tea at home, which puts me in the mood to read and write mystical shit….