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Culture Clash

Adel sent me this. It’s from a 1950s anti-Communist adventure series. I searched for more information on the web and found this description, taken from Comic Book Nation: The Transformation of Youth Culture in America by Bradford W. Wright.

    Published from 1951 to 1956, Quality Comics’ T-Man was among the more enduring anticommunist titles and probably the only comic book ever to feature the adventures of a U.S. Treasury agent. A T-Man story published in late 1951 opens in Teheran at a meeting between British diplomats and an Iranian official, in which the participants are about to conclude a treaty granting Great Britain and the United States exclusive rights to Iranian oil production. The Iranian leader tells the Englishman that he is happy to give away these rights because the British and Americans have demonstrated that they respect Iranian laws and customs. Suddenly he is interrupted by someone who appears to be U.S. Treasury agent Pete Trask, who bursts into the room, throws a squealing pig at the Iranian official, and says, “Here rag-head! Take this little fellow home and barbecue him for breakfast!” The agent then flees, having effectively sabotaged the treaty. Outraged by this deliberate (and extraordinarily absurd) insult to Islamic customs, the Iranian leader cancels the treaty. Later it is revealed that this ruse was the work of a Soviet agent disguised as Trask, who is trying to poison relations between Iran and the West. Inevitably, the real Pete Trask sets matters straight and ensures that the treaty is signed. In this tale, obviously inspired by the recent overthrow of the anti-Western Mossadegh government in Iran, Communism is once again contained and the United States and Great Britain win exclusive rights to Iranian oil. What Iran stands to gain from this is unclear and, apparently, unimportant.

Meanwhile, thanks to Myrtus I found this wonderful video of an all-burqa rock band!


Comment from homeyra
Time: July 16, 2007, 09:17

Great find! A page of history …

Comment from Servant
Time: July 18, 2007, 20:59

I always keep a spare pig in my pocket just in case I meet someone from a sovereign countries. Everyone is afraid of America’s most effective secret weapon. Getting the pigs through domestic airport security can be a hassle, but more and more airports have express pig service so it’s getting better. And dry cleaning is sometimes a hassle – it’s difficult to explain why you have feces your pocket. Often the cleaners do not know the difference between ordinary feces and secret weapon discharge.

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