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And the Winner Is….

Some recent comments on AbMoul’s blog plus jamais d’illusions….

    A Reader: Here’s the latest news: the Minister Delegate for the Interior [and right-hand man to King Mohammed VI] Fouad Ali Himma offered his resignation to the King in order to be a candidate in the [upcoming parliamentary] elections. The monarch accepted his resignation and wished the departing minister good luck.
    Reda: The result of this move is that we will end up with an elected prime minister. [The current prime minister Driss Jettou was appointed by the King.] What remains to be seen is whether Fouad Ali Himma will run under the banner of one of the parties, or simply be an independent candidate and later take control of the government in the name of whichever party wins the majority. Personally, I think these maneuvers are nothing but sand in our eyes.
    AbMoul: That’s the same thought I had. We’ll wait to see which party will swallow the pill and put Lhima on the list. Better stop accusing people of nihilism, given the fiasco that is brewing. [This is a reference to the King’s recent throne speech, in which he labeled as “nihilists” those who say the elections will be just for show.]

A moment’s surfing led me to this nihilist on the web forum Casafree:

    Can you imagine the size of the catastrophe! An almost-Minister of the Interior who has worked on organizing the next elections for the whole time he’s been in office, and who in the end decides to be a candidate… and what do we say about his closeness to the Palace? For me, this looks like a scripted scenario designed to inaugurate a new period of unlimited personal rule for the king, and to put to rest the illusions some people had of the possibility of a parliamentary, democratic monarchy…. Personally, I think Morocco is screwed!


Comment from Yahia
Time: August 8, 2007, 18:27

Like it’s the first time it’s being screwed. ^^

Comment from does not matter
Time: August 10, 2007, 21:47

I am short of information in terms of recent evolutions in the moroccam political map, however, this story sounds like other usual crap we’re used to with the system. Let’s go quick to the last elections (the first under M6), correct me if I am wrong but did’n the USFP get the majority (not that I have any high excpectations on them)? and who ended up being chosen (by his majesty) as prime minister, isn’t it Jettou, and what party Jettou represented… not the USFP anyways. Now he’s pulling this BS again and in the same time trying to make us believe that elections are relevant…My #@x:^%

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