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Archive for November, 2007


To my dismay, I found that Aimé Césaire’s cry of protest against mid-20th century French colonialism is a perfect fit for the moment we are living now. Change a few place names, and you will find that he is describing American behavior in Iraq and Afghanistan, or Israeli behavior in Palestine and Lebanon, and its corrosive effect on our own souls.

Justice and Injustice

It is helpful at times to reflect on both the power and risks of blogging, of speaking out, in a world where tyrants find new excuses every day to crush dissent and extend their reach.

Kissing the Ground

One thing that strikes me about these two images is that neither involves kissing the actual earth. Instead men are kissing the pavement we have put between us and the earth. There is a tragic element in these photos, an element of unrequited love.

Weblog Awards Finalist!

While I wasn’t paying attention, conservative blogger Jon Swift nominated me for the 2007 Weblog Awards in the “Best Middle East or Africa Blog” category. In celebration, here are a few of my articles from the past year that I am proudest of.