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Archive for March, 2008

Transcendental vs. Old-School Politics

Far from sugar-coating our differences as politicians tend to do, Barack Obama proclaimed that black anger and white anger are both real, and have a legitimate source. Both blacks and whites have seen their dreams evaporate over the past generation.

Circle of Deception

Saying “Democratic Transition” without mentioning the need for constitutional reforms, or saying “The Just State” without mentioning the need for an independent judiciary, does nothing but give the empty impression that things are better now than they once were.

Gaza Update

As a followup to doga’s post about the “dirty game” of “corrupt, interest-based politics” being played in Gaza, and the way we are all being sucked into it “voluntarily or involunarily,” here is a roundup of Gaza news that has appeared over the last few days.

By Request

A video showing the protests that took place in Rabat, Paris, and other world capitals on May 1 in support of Fouad Mourtada, condemned to three years in prison for creating a Facebook profile of Prince Rachid of Morocco.


It was horrible for me to see those images, of helicopters that arbitrarily dropped bombs on people who were expecting a bomb to fall on them at any moment, all on live television.

Secret Muslim, Would-Be Prince

More evidence that “secret Muslim” rumors are hurting Barack Obama among some sections of the voting public… and the sentencing of 27-year-old Fouad Mourtada continues to ripple through the Moroccan public consciousness.

“Yes We Can”

When I watch Barack Obama’s speeches and try to analyze what messages he wants to convey, I come to the conclusion that of all the candidates running for presidency, he is unique.