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Archive for December, 2008

War Again

Like many, I feel sad about what’s been happening in Gaza over the past few days. This sadness turns to anguish when I read the one-sided coverage in the American media, which never wavers from Israel’s “right to defend itself” and blames Hamas even for civilian casualties. For the issues and arguments, I’ll defer to Palestinian […]

Obama, Opportunist?

Ever since the election, instead of reaching out to the progressives who worked so hard to elect him, Obama has seized every opportunity to embrace the establishment. It does beg the question, did he run for office because his values are fundamentally different from those of the Bush administration, or simply to achieve power for himself?

Bush Dodges Shoes in Iraq

While on a surprise visit to Iraq, President Bush was just starting a news conference with Iraqi leader Nouri al-Maliki when a reporter for Al-Baghdadia television hurled his shoe at the president’s head from a few meters away.