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Archive for January, 2009

Obama: Drone Flights Continue

Last month, I asked how long it would be until a wedding party or sleeping family were blown up by a remote-controlled aircraft on Obama’s watch. We didn’t have to wait long. Just three days into his presidency, two drone attacks occurred in Pakistan.

Democracy Works?

I think Obama’s background leads him to feel lucky to be born an American, rather than a sense of entitlement simply because he is an American. This simple nuance makes all the difference.

Technology and Tradition

Technology shatters tradition; but even though the shattered whole can never be restored, neither do the shards of tradition disappear from the scene.

Mutant Heroes

When a society is in flux and conditions are changing, the outcasts and eccentrics will discover that qualities which had previously been shunned are now eminently useful for the survival of the community.