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Archive for May, 2009

Gypsy Travel

I’ll be back in Morocco in a few weeks — this video makes me impatient.

Pakistan Scaremongering

It might be time for U.S. officials to take Pakistani democracy more seriously than ever before. Scaremongering in the U.S. won’t help build trust on either side.

Are Emos a Threat to Egypt?

gypt’s paranoid dictatorship is trying to distract the people from its own unpopularity by cracking down on emos.

Hound of Heaven

“The Special Forces guys, they hunt men, basically. We do the same thing as Christians. We hunt people for Jesus. We hunt ’em down. Get the Hound of Heaven after ’em.”

America Tortures

President Bush said, “America does not torture,” but there is evidence proving that America did torture, and that responsibility went all the way to the top. Now President Obama wants to “look forward” rather than going after those responsible.

Democracy and the Islamists

Is the future of democracy under Islamist movements a positive one? I think we should first of all give these movements a chance, while insisting on reforms able to protect the citizens against all abuses of power.