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Archive for June, 2009

Towards Justice in Iran

From the behavior of the Iranian state — arrests of opposition figures, a crackdown on communications, threats of “bloodshed and chaos” if the opposition doesn’t back down — it seems obvious that they have something to hide.

Stuck in the Same Circle

After the death of Hassan II, the new king Mohammed VI took power at a time when there were no longer political opponents against the system, and Moroccans were inspired to have a young king who proclaimed a new era for his people… but now ten years after the arrival of Mohammed VI, why is change not more visible for everyone?

Iran’s Fair Election?

Despite the way it’s being played in the American media, it’s possible that the Iranian presidential election wasn’t stolen or rigged after all.

No More of This

Today I hit the road, first to visit friends in New York, then on to Paris, and finally Morocco before the end of the month. Watch this space as eatbees blog “goes live” from Morocco and around the world!

Rainbow of Possibilities


Not from Here

Check out my novel Not from Here. It’s the story of a young musician, Anton, who wants to change the world with his music. It’s also the story of his unbreakable friendship with his alter-ego Timmins, a reclusive artist whose paintings come true. And it’s the story of his discovery of a plot by shadowy forces that are manipulating society on every level.