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Archive for February, 2011

Egypt, Too Big to Fail

If Obama sees his job as preserving the legitimacy of failed institutions above all else, I wish he would spare us the high-flown rhetoric and betrayals of hope.

Western “Reforms” in Egypt

“We are working closely with the military… to ensure a continuation of a dominant role of the military in the society, the polity and the economy.”


“Lurking in Egypt’s police and intelligence files are mountains of materials on significant human rights abuses…. In some of these cases, the United States government knew what was going on or had agents in the room.”

Darkest Before Dawn

Today, foreign journalists are being attacked by pro-Mubarak thugs in Cairo, because Egyptian state TV has spread rumors that they are Israeli agents.

Egypt After Mubarak

“President Hosni Mubarak lost his political power on Friday, 28 January…. What other forces were behind this sudden fall of Mubarak from power? And how will this transitional military-centered government get along with this millions-strong protest movement?”