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Darkest Before Dawn

The Angry Arab has a point:

    “Do you notice that the blatant anti-Semitism of the Mubarak regime has not been getting any attention in the Western Zionist media because they have been so pleased with Mubarak’s role in Gaza?”

Today, foreign journalists are being attacked by pro-Mubarak thugs in Cairo, because Egyptian state TV has spread rumors that they are Israeli agents. As Harriet Sherwood reports for The Guardian:

    “Egyptian national TV has been broadcasting that there are Israeli spies disguised as western journalists, and people on the street are very suspicious.
    “People who are prepared to speak to us are being denounced by fellow protesters. We have been surrounded several times this morning by angry crowds and have had to retreat.”

It’s ironic that Israel’s defenders in the U.S. stand up for the Mubarak regime by claiming that without a brutal dictatorship, Egypt will fall into the hands of anti-Israeli extremists — while at the same time, the Mubarak regime itself blames its troubles on Israeli spies! Would you guys get your disinformation campaigns on the same page?

Meanwhile, just to show they are equal-opportunity haters, Mubarak’s security forces have arrested a group of human rights activists from their Cairo offices, while telling the crowds in the street they are agents of Hamas.

    “Just saw 8 to 12 people being dragged out of No 1 Souq el-Tawfikiyyah St and bundled into a civilian micro-bus while a military police vehicle waited nearby. The people were being beaten and the street had been told they were ‘Iranian and Hamas agents come to destabilise Egypt’ so the street was chanting against them. No 1 Souq el-Tawfikiyyah St is the home of the offices of The Hisham Mubarak Legal Aid Centre, The Centre for Social and Economic Rights and The 6th April Youth.”

It’s ugly out there today, with the dogs of Mubarak seeing this as their last chance to brutalize and terrorize their opponents before their grip is finally broken. The battle is being waged on two fronts, in the streets and on rooftops using rocks and metal shields, and in the halls of diplomacy and the international media.

The Egyptian people are being called upon to make one last sacrifice, one last push for liberty in an atmosphere of chaos and confusion fed by the dying regime. As Mubarak goes down, I just want to remind everyone that the real gangsters, extremists and nihilists are the “forces of order” who have kept Mubarak in power for 30 years.


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