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Let’s Evolve

I’ve translated this from French because I like it so much. It’s from an article on, the Tunisian website, by Hind Mandy called “Yes, I Am an Enormous Provocateur.” It was written in the context of the upcoming Tunisian elections and the social tensions leading up to that, but I think it applies to all of us in these times of Occupy Wall Street and spontaneous uprisings around the world.

    “Let’s…put in place public discussion forums in the media, at school, at the university. Forums in the workplace where we can speak with respect and dignity…about liberty and about the Other, to accept and tolerate each other. Perhaps it’s high time to make our cultural revolution without attaching ourselves to any model: let’s invent our cultural revolution right now, without waiting, as a matter of urgency…. The great work of thought, reflection and culture must get started as soon as possible. ‘Living together’ must be invented. And that mustn’t come from discussions and debates among initiates in colloquia and symposia, but from the reflections of ordinary citizens, which is where the road maps of future generations will be laid out. The great work involves calling into question not only the system, but an entire way of thinking.
    “We must evolve from a fixed way of thinking to one with many variables, from an absolute reference point to many different reference points. All that without forgetting that we aren’t alone in the world, and without self-absorption. So let’s evolve.”

Here’s a great article about Occupy Wall Street, by the way.


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