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Was Obama Distracted?

Why did President Obama seem tired and off his game during last night’s debate with Mitt Romney? My theory:

    “The Turkish military pounded targets inside Syria on Thursday in retaliation for the mortar attack a day earlier that killed five civilians in Turkey. … The exchanges sent tremors across a region fearful that the mounting violence in Syria would spill into neighboring countries. … The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, to which Turkey belongs and whose charter calls in some cases for collective action when one of its members is targeted militarily, met Wednesday night to discuss the crisis. … ‘The conflict in Syria is spilling well over its borders,’ said Andrew Tabler, a Syria analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. ‘I don’t see how the Obama administration continues policy as usual after this.'”

Both Turkey and Syria are saying they don’t want this border incident to spark a larger war, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Just a reminder that being president means being confronted with unpredictable challenges, even on the night of a big debate which could determine your political future. Romney, on the contrary, looked energetic and refreshed. He doesn’t yet have these worries.


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