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Archive for August, 2013

Filled with Animals

Is the man of the future filled with animals? No, but the poet must find a new language to express what he has seen and felt.

When Body and Image Interpenetrate

Walter Benjamin predicts the Internet, cloud-sourced revolution, and beyond.


Today I found myself, not for the first time, arguing with a friend whether the U.S. under Bush was “sincere” in its desire to bring democracy to the Middle East. I went back to an April 2003 article by Josh Marshall, in which he lays out the grand vision neoconservatives had at the time, improbable as it was, in the first days of the war in Iraq.

Links 20 August 2013

Links and excerpts from my internet reading of 20 August 2013.

Lafcadio’s Adventures: Footloose Youth of the 1910s

The 1910s were a surprisingly radical time. Gangs of footloose youth roamed the countryside, and theories of homoerotic bonding were embraced by progressives and nationalists alike.