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Where Are the Space Brothers?

Why won’t extraterrestrials communicate with us, share their advanced technology and give us a jump start?

  1. There are none. We are the most intelligent race in the universe.

  2. There are super-intelligent races, but they don’t know we exist. They haven’t discovered us yet.

  3. They have discovered us, but from their point of view, there is no point to communication. The level of intelligence we would need to understand them is so much higher than what we actually have, that for them to communicate with us would be like our communicating with ants.

  4. They want to communicate with us, and are even impatient for it to happen, but they have ethical standards of non-interference and so, they are waiting for us to reach a certain level on our own. This is their way of valuing our effort. We must make the discoveries for ourselves.

  5. They do communicate, only either: a) only to a few of us; or b) only sporadically and as a whim, when individuals among them find it amusing; or c) we aren’t aware of their communication as communication from outside, and think of it as our own inner voice; or d) our intelligence really is like the ant’s, and we just aren’t picking up that much of what they are trying to tell us.


Comment from Vikas
Time: September 24, 2013, 11:07

Sometimes we don’t find what we are looking for, because we may not have the right perspective, or may be just looking in the wrong place. 2000 years ago, the earth was flat; until a mere 500 years ago, the earth was the center of the universe. Today, we still think there is an Earth that we live in and there is space out there, that others can live in.

You wait for the ‘space brothers’, while I wait for a new perspective on the universe!

Comment from Marcel Côté
Time: September 25, 2013, 06:03

You’re way ahead of me Vikas, but what you’re saying is what I was getting at too. The universe is intelligence (or information) and we’re part of that stream… The question then is why our perspective is so limited. Why can’t we see it as it is? Or do we see it that way all the time, only we dismiss it because it seems too obvious? Like Plato’s “music of the spheres,” which we don’t hear because we’re always hearing it.

Comment from A curious observer
Time: September 8, 2021, 14:30

That is a very interesting perspective that I guess could be true. My own opinion is that the universe is simply too large to cross the distance to find these Space Brothers. We might one day discover that there is other life out there with scans and beams and things, but getting over there would be a whole other story. There is just so much space, in space.

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