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Happy Starving Cow Day!

Goulmima, Morocco, 2006. Click image to see larger version.

In my new home of East Hollywood, Los Angeles (also known as Thai Town or Little Armenia), we traditionally celebrate the first day of September by passing around postcards or little figurines of starving cows, or by giving each other knitted cow toys with the bones sticking out, or T-shirts with a starving cow image.

This is to remind each other of the suffering and mortality inherent in life, since it’s sadly ironic (or just horrifying) that an animal we depend on for food is itself starving to death.

Fortunately to properly celebrate the holiday, I just happened to have this photo handy from my travels in Morocco. It was taken in 2006 in a picturesque little town called Goulmima in southern Morocco, on the slopes of the High Atlas mountains.

You can see other random photos I’ve taken on my Tumblr account here. I continue to add more so keep checking back!


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