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Best of Eatbees, Year One

Here are some of the articles I’m proudest of from my first year, October 2006–September 2007.

  • Do They Want to Kill Us?, October 2006 — Challenging the notion that Muslim youth are filled with hate for Westerners.
  • Progressive Islam, October 2006 — Online dialogues with two Moroccan friends, looking for the tolerant side of Islam.
  • The Friendly Fist, November 2006 — An examination of Morocco’s absolute monarchy. Is the monarchial system responsible for Morocco’s social inequality?
  • Privilege and Freedom, November 2006 — Perhaps well-off Moroccans themselves are not aware of the conditions in which the unlucky majority lives.
  • Political Paralysis in Morocco, November 2006 — A guest post by “Doga” in which he argues for Moroccan constitutional reform as a step toward restoring people’s trust in government.
  • Evolution in Islam, December 2006 — Exploring the notion of interpreting the Qur’an in a way that evolves with the times, using treatment of women as an example.
  • Waiting for the Rain, December 2006 — How cultural attitudes and the failure of the educational system have helped to encourage the lack of opportunity in Morocco.
  • Schizophrenic Morocco, December 2006 — Morocco is a nation of contradictions. Is this the Moroccan form of genius?
  • Censorship 2: The Jokes in English, December 2006 — English translation of the jokes published by Nichane which resulted in two journalists being put on trial for insulting Islam and the monarchy.
  • A Black Eye for Moroccan Freedom, January 2007 — More on the trial of the Nichane journalists, with a roundup of reactions from the Moroccan blogosphere.
  • Foreign Aristocrat, January 2007 — A meditation on my experience as a cultural outsider in Morocco.
  • What Is Truth?, January 2007 — Online dialogue about free speech and its limits. Is the Jewish Holocaust open to discussion, or is Holocaust denial always wrong?
  • The Price of Freedom, January 2007 — The voluntary exile of Aboubakr Jamaï, Morocco’s most courageous independent journalist.
  • Loss of Identity, January 2007 — An exploration of cultural identity. Is it fragile? Can it be lost? Can we construct our own?
  • Democracy and Its Obstacles, February 2007 — Why are young Moroccans indifferent to politics? Is democracy being blocked?
  • I Love to Read, February 2007 — Why don’t Moroccans read more? How can we change that?
  • Iran Fever: Part 6, March 2007 — Last of a long series of articles examining the chances that the U.S. will go to war with Iran.
  • Egypt’s Modern Pharaoh, March 2007 — Oppression and resistance in Egypt under Hosni Mubarak.
  • Why I Can’t Support Obama, July 2007 — Is Barack Obama just one more apologist for the American empire?
  • Insolence, August 2007 — Another censorship controversy in Morocco, this one involving an editorial criticizing the concentration of all power in the hands of the king.
  • Neoconservative Death Throes, August 2007 — A columnist with ties to Bush Administration officials calls for Bush to be made “President-for-Life.”
  • What the Nihilists Think, September 2007 — “Doga” explains why he is too disillusioned to vote in the upcomining Moroccan legislative elections.
  • Winners and Losers, September 2007 — An examination of the Moroccan election results, including the record low turnout, and the fracturing of the vote among six major parties.
  • Is Democracy Dead?, September 2007 — Is America becoming more like Morocco, a nation resigned to absolute power?