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Archive for 'Culture'

From “Superchill” to Boston Bomber

Viewed purely in terms of dramatic potential, doesn’t Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s story contain far more human interest than the stories of his victims — who are, after all, only part of the story by tragic accident, rather than through choices they themselves made?

Moment of Rupture

“When I see the pictures of Kyenge I cannot but think of…the features of an orangutan.”

Model Women

Model women across the oceans and the ages.

Nostalgia, Excuses, and Starting Over

I want to express my intention to do something different, and strike off in a new direction. And in this, I hope you will help me.

Let’s Evolve

“Let’s invent our cultural revolution right now, without waiting, as a matter of urgency…. The great work of thought, reflection and culture must get started as soon as possible.”

The Orientalist and the Local

An orientalist in pith helmet, jodspurs, and riding crop, carrying a manual in his hand, tours an eastern city. He meets a local man in traditional dress.

Note to Sixteen Year Olds

Have you heard that slogan from the 1960s, “Never trust anyone over thirty”? Well, it’s still true. Why? Because people over thirty have a stake in the system, and they are more interested in preserving it, than in sharing it with you. Either that, or they have no clue what’s going on, but they need […]

Strong Measures

“At the time described in this book, in fact, to put a Congolese to work or to get him to work, it was necessary to use a stick. Today, in certain environments, to send children or adults into the fields, it is necessary to do it with strong measures.”

Run and Tell That

Doesn’t Antoine Dodson speak for all of us, and our sense of powerlessness in some way? Don’t we all somehow feel under assault after a decade of economic crisis and war, with no end in sight? Antoine at least did something. He stopped a rapist, he protected his family, and he spoke up as we’d all like to do.

Fame = Existence

We live today in a society where it is necessary to see yourself, or your likeness, in the media as confirmation of your existence.