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Archive for 'Culture'

Strength in Diversity

My latest essay for Talk Morocco is up, on the theme of “Moroccan identity.”

The Noble Goat

Larache, Morocco, August 8, 2009.


I thought it would look ugly, but I like it….

Only Scraps

The first thing to know about me is I was born in the wrong place. I should have been born somewhere where people are free and full of love. Instead I was born in a world where people play power games and fight for scraps.

Our World

Where ignorance dominates, injustice always finds a place.

Seeing Morocco

I think I’m “seeing Morocco” more now that I’ve stayed several weeks in one spot, with a friend’s family in one small corner of Fez, than I was in the early weeks when I was traveling all over the place, visiting large cities and isolated towns.

Is Morocco a Closed Society?

It’s clear to me that the vast majority, even of tradition-minded people, are on the side of greater openness. They want its benefits and understand its necessity.

Bastard Modernization

Too often in Morocco, modernization is what I call “bastard modernization,” which is either bricolage to serve the needs of the moment, or projects designed to enrich the interests of well-positioned individuals without serving the needs of the people.

Maybe Not Stuck?

Change may not occur at the pace we want or expect, but there is an inevitability to growth or development, and Morocco won’t be left out.

Bricolage, Blessing or Curse?

Bricolage in Morocco isn’t the same as improvisation in a developed nation. It isn’t exotic, romantic, or an art form. It may be the sign of an inventive spirit, but more essentially it’s a response to a dysfunctional and even exploitative system.