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Thomas Piketty: A Security-Minded Response Isn’t Enough

“It’s clear: terrorism nourishes itself on the powder keg of inequality in the Middle East that we have contributed a lot to create. … It is through equitable social development that hate will be defeated.”

The Whole Truth

Zied Boumaiza writes: “A coup d’état, a putsch, a usurpation, a betrayal. That’s what it is. Without any euphemism, let’s not try to cover up what just happened in Egypt with pretty words.”

Stuck in the Same Circle

After the death of Hassan II, the new king Mohammed VI took power at a time when there were no longer political opponents against the system, and Moroccans were inspired to have a young king who proclaimed a new era for his people… but now ten years after the arrival of Mohammed VI, why is change not more visible for everyone?

Democracy and the Islamists

Is the future of democracy under Islamist movements a positive one? I think we should first of all give these movements a chance, while insisting on reforms able to protect the citizens against all abuses of power.


It was horrible for me to see those images, of helicopters that arbitrarily dropped bombs on people who were expecting a bomb to fall on them at any moment, all on live television.

“Yes We Can”

When I watch Barack Obama’s speeches and try to analyze what messages he wants to convey, I come to the conclusion that of all the candidates running for presidency, he is unique.

Prison of Liberty

The essence of democracy is that we are able to speak out like Benchemsi did without the slightest fear of reprisal. But perhaps freedom of expression and democracy, which Morocco proclaims endlessly and without shame, are merely a way to numb our thoughts, and our future is really quite narrow, limited to the voice of one man.

“If Not Now, When?”

It’s clear that everyone already understands the need to initiate real change in Morocco, including those in power. So why is it that every time someone calls for change, there is always the question of whether it is the right time? Is that the question that is really blocking us?


The force that controls the universe and the human will and which is outside it is none other than God. But there is something that doesn’t fit: if God controls the course of events, why does He punish innocent people, we who do only what is ordained for us?

Political Paralysis in Morocco

Clandestine immigration, poverty, the political indifference of the young, illiteracy, unemployment, exclusion, marginalization, and so on…the question concerning us here is to what extent Morocco’s political parties are responsible for these consequences, since they are the representatives of the Moroccan people?