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Archive for 'Israel'

Netanyahu, Hitler Apologist?

Benjamin Netanyahu now claims that Hitler didn’t want to annihilate the Jews until he was given the idea by a Palestinian!

What Palestine Wants

“”For the Palestinians, there can be no ceasefire without an end to the siege on Gaza…[or] Israel pledging that they will not resume their assassinations when things are calmer….”

What Am I Missing?

“‘There’s no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders,’ Mr. Obama said.”

For Obama’s New Term, Cascading Crises

President Obama has only been reelected for one week, and already the U.S. and the world seem to be hit with a series of cascading crises. It’s as if the world held its collective breath until after the American elections, and is now vomiting all its accumulated bile at once.

Netanyahu, Make My Day!

Get it over with, already. Attack Iran! Just don’t drag President Obama into it.

And in Other News

Yesterday’s dump of leaked documents by Al Jazeera shows just how weak and accommodating Palestinian negotiators have been over the last ten years in trying to reach a deal for the “two-state solution” with Israel.

Israel Does the Unthinkable

Israel has fired on a naval relief convoy attempting to reach Gaza with supplies such as concrete, medicines and food, leaving nine civilian activists dead and around 30 injured.