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Archive for 'Personal'

No More of This

Today I hit the road, first to visit friends in New York, then on to Paris, and finally Morocco before the end of the month. Watch this space as eatbees blog “goes live” from Morocco and around the world!

Rainbow of Possibilities

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Not from Here

Check out my novel Not from Here. It’s the story of a young musician, Anton, who wants to change the world with his music. It’s also the story of his unbreakable friendship with his alter-ego Timmins, a reclusive artist whose paintings come true. And it’s the story of his discovery of a plot by shadowy forces that are manipulating society on every level.


Snow photos.

War Again

Like many, I feel sad about what’s been happening in Gaza over the past few days. This sadness turns to anguish when I read the one-sided coverage in the American media, which never wavers from Israel’s “right to defend itself” and blames Hamas even for civilian casualties. For the issues and arguments, I’ll defer to Palestinian […]

Citizen of the Blogosphere

I was interviewed last spring by blogger Reb (Rebecca Robinson) for her graduate school project, and I got an award from Homeyra, who blogs about culture and politics from Tehran.

The Artist-Squatters of Paris

It is my pleasure to announce a show of photos documenting the artistic squats of Paris, where I spent most of my time from September 1991–October 1992. The show is at Firestorm Cafe & Books, an anarchist collective in Asheville, North Carolina.

Until Then….

I’ll continue to write new blog posts whenever I feel the urge, but I want to let you know that the real action is on other parts of this site.

Give Me Olive Trees

I’d like to have olive trees outside my front door.

Orphan Wisdom

Where did I get this understanding? I don’t remember. No teacher taught me it, or many did.