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Archive for 'Psychology'

Socially Constructed Reality

If a society however diverse must find a way to fit its separate realities into “a coherent view that the entire culture can comprehend,” then we can see that we are in danger of losing that coherence in America today.

Is the World Splitting into Tribes?

This article calls into question the “liberal consensus” that we are moving, slowly but surely, toward a future of greater democracy, prosperity, and freedom around the world. The consequence, the author says, is a return to tribalization (extreme nationalism) whether in Europe, Asia, or the Middle East.

From “Superchill” to Boston Bomber

Viewed purely in terms of dramatic potential, doesn’t Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s story contain far more human interest than the stories of his victims — who are, after all, only part of the story by tragic accident, rather than through choices they themselves made?

Links 09 July 2013

Links and excerpts from my internet reading of 09 July 2013.

The Orientalist and the Local

An orientalist in pith helmet, jodspurs, and riding crop, carrying a manual in his hand, tours an eastern city. He meets a local man in traditional dress.

Women: Parasites or Saviors?

Doesn’t it seem that women, with their cooperative instinct and ability to empathize with others, are better adapted to the challenges of a networked world, than men with their endless combats?