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Archive for 'Race'

Moment of Rupture

“When I see the pictures of Kyenge I cannot but think of…the features of an orangutan.”

Links 15 July 2013

Links and excerpts from my internet reading of 15 July 2013.

Elections Do Matter

The Romney campaign knows it can’t win without firing up white racial resentment on the one hand, and suppressing the turnout of poor and minority voters on the other. Their policies don’t have the support of the majority of the American people, so they have to tweak that majority. This makes me wonder: if nothing is at stake in this election, then why this willingness to win dirty?

Strong Measures

“At the time described in this book, in fact, to put a Congolese to work or to get him to work, it was necessary to use a stick. Today, in certain environments, to send children or adults into the fields, it is necessary to do it with strong measures.”

Nervous Days

If right-wingers ever connect the idea that Muslims are jihadis bent on destroying America with the idea that Obama is himself a secret Muslim occupying the White House, it would be a Christian patriot’s duty to remove Obama from power by any means necessary.

Run and Tell That

Doesn’t Antoine Dodson speak for all of us, and our sense of powerlessness in some way? Don’t we all somehow feel under assault after a decade of economic crisis and war, with no end in sight? Antoine at least did something. He stopped a rapist, he protected his family, and he spoke up as we’d all like to do.

Let’s Talk About Israeli Racism

Maybe Benjamin Netanyahu is disrespecting Barack Obama in part because he is black?

Not So Cool

“Of course Israel is a racist state. And you’re right, that’s not something we usually say out loud.”


Americans have elected a global citizen as president. Obama represents the aspirations of all of us who believe we can rise to a position of responsiblity through talent, discipline, and an ability to bridge differences.

Which America?

Two young men who met online were arrested for plotting to kill Barack Obama. They were going to wear white tophats and tails while doing it, and shoot from their car windows. They didn’t expect to succeed, but they were happy to die trying.