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Archive for 'Race'

Not So Cool

“Of course Israel is a racist state. And you’re right, that’s not something we usually say out loud.”


Americans have elected a global citizen as president. Obama represents the aspirations of all of us who believe we can rise to a position of responsiblity through talent, discipline, and an ability to bridge differences.

Which America?

Two young men who met online were arrested for plotting to kill Barack Obama. They were going to wear white tophats and tails while doing it, and shoot from their car windows. They didn’t expect to succeed, but they were happy to die trying.

Hillary: Three Shameful Quotes

Rather than dying with dignity, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been acting ever more mean-spirited and bizarre, to the point that she has said a number of things that truly scare me, forcing me to reconsider the respect for her that I once had.

Transcendental vs. Old-School Politics

Far from sugar-coating our differences as politicians tend to do, Barack Obama proclaimed that black anger and white anger are both real, and have a legitimate source. Both blacks and whites have seen their dreams evaporate over the past generation.