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Archive for 'Religion'

Stoking Hatred, Once Again

Donald Trump is calling for a complete ban on Muslim immigrants, students or tourists coming to the U.S. Is this a new American fascism?

Caught in the Middle

I believe in God but not in divine intervention. God doesn’t send prophets or holy books (these are the creations of humans trying to understand God). God doesn’t answer prayers — in fact, God may not be paying attention at all.

Links 20 August 2013

Links and excerpts from my internet reading of 20 August 2013.

A Universe Predisposed for Us

There must be some other principle at work in the universe to counter the drift towards entropy. Maybe we live in a universe which, through random events playing out over time according to natural law, is pre-programmed with a high likelihood of becoming conscious.

Links 09 July 2013

Links and excerpts from my internet reading of 09 July 2013.

“The Strongest Weapon”

President Obama addressed the anti-Mohammed hate video yesterday in his speech to the United Nations. I feel that he got the balance just about right.

Limits to Free Speech?

In defending the right to make a film insulting Mohammed, are Americans merely sticking up for our principles? Or are we picking and choosing?

“Beware the False Fury”

“This is a different season—this is the season of the Green Movement and the Arab Spring—do not be fooled by these zealotries of the fanatics who are trying to steal the revolution.”

Manipulation: A Case Study

Obama now faces a battle on two fronts: first, to calm things down in the Arab world before the protests spiral out of control; and second, to figure out how to deal with a virulent Islamophobic network at home that is doing all it can to stir up trouble.

Tragedy All Around

The U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, is dead today. Photos taken by the attackers themselves show not an image of hardened fighters but a group of youths, exulting at what they had done. This only adds to the tragedy in my mind. Did they know they were responsible for the death of a man who had been working for their own freedom just a year before?