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Archive for 'Syria'

Thomas Piketty: A Security-Minded Response Isn’t Enough

“It’s clear: terrorism nourishes itself on the powder keg of inequality in the Middle East that we have contributed a lot to create. … It is through equitable social development that hate will be defeated.”

Get the UN Involved to Fix Syria

The UN needs to intervene to fix the crisis in Syria. Assad needs to go, and all Syria’s neighbors must unite to destroy ISIS. For this to succeed, the US must work with all interested parties through the UN.


Today I found myself, not for the first time, arguing with a friend whether the U.S. under Bush was “sincere” in its desire to bring democracy to the Middle East. I went back to an April 2003 article by Josh Marshall, in which he lays out the grand vision neoconservatives had at the time, improbable as it was, in the first days of the war in Iraq.

For Obama’s New Term, Cascading Crises

President Obama has only been reelected for one week, and already the U.S. and the world seem to be hit with a series of cascading crises. It’s as if the world held its collective breath until after the American elections, and is now vomiting all its accumulated bile at once.

Was Obama Distracted?

Why did President Obama seem tired and distracted during last night’s debate with Mitt Romney? My theory.

Movements Without Leaders

At times the February 20 Movement in Morocco has been criticized for not having a coherent leadership or a clear set of demands. A few observations from Syria may provide some encouragement.