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Archive for 'Travel'

Model Women

Model women across the oceans and the ages.

The Noble Goat

Larache, Morocco, August 8, 2009.

Seeing Morocco

I think I’m “seeing Morocco” more now that I’ve stayed several weeks in one spot, with a friend’s family in one small corner of Fez, than I was in the early weeks when I was traveling all over the place, visiting large cities and isolated towns.

Nothing Has Changed

Since returning to Morocco after being away for three years, I keep hearing the same message from most of my friends. Nothing has changed, and that means Morocco is slowly sliding into an abyss of futility and defeat.

Travel Update

I have a backlog of photos and stories I’d like to share with you, and I expect to begin updating this space “live from Morocco” within the next few days.

In or Out?

I feel pulled in two different directions in response to injustice in the world. One instinct is to withdraw from human confusion and seek an island of inner peace. The opposite instinct is engagement. However appealing it may be for me to drop out, I feel there is something selfish about it, since the only person’s problems I would be solving are my own.