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Archive for 'Tunisia'

Let’s Evolve

“Let’s invent our cultural revolution right now, without waiting, as a matter of urgency…. The great work of thought, reflection and culture must get started as soon as possible.”

In Tunisia, It’s Far from Over

While the eyes of the world have been focused on Egypt, in Tunisia the security forces of the old regime have staged a counter-attack against democracy protesters.

The End of the Beginning

“On the ground [in Tunisia] today, a face-off is occurring between yuppies and proles: two revolutions, two forces on the scene.”

Three Revolutions

There is not one revolution in Tunisia, but three: the revolution against the dictator, Ben Ali, which succeeded; the revolution for freedom of expression and new democratic institutions, which is ongoing; and a third revolution against the economic policies that created the social inequalities in the first place, which has not even begun.

One Down….

Congratulations to the people of Tunisia! The dictator has taken flight.