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Important Elections

The Congressional elections are tomorrow. For those of you who aren’t following this closely, control of both houses of Congress is in play. The near-universal expert opinion is that the Democrats will pick up enough seats in the House to gain control, and Nancy Pelosi will become Speaker. She’s a lot better looking than the other guy, Hastert, who lumbers rather than walks, and wears his years of hypocrisy and corruption like a lead suit. The Senate is a lot dicier. Mathematically it is nearly impossible for the Democrats to gain control, because only a third of the seats are up for election this year, but they might just do it. They need to pick up three of the four closest races, Missouri, Virginia, Montana and Tennessee, while having no unpleasant surprises in Maryland or New Jersey. This would give them a 51–49 majority in the Senate. A few weeks ago this looked out of reach, but now there are experts willing to predict this result. It is my hopeful prediction, too. The Senate is critical because it oversees foreign policy and judicial appointments. If you’re an American, heal our nation and go vote!


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