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We’re Bombing Iraq

This is me at age seven, on vacation in Colorado with my parents. We’re playing the part of the “perfect American family.” Never did I imagine that one day I’d be saying this, but…sorry, world, for the war crimes!


Comment from Yahia
Time: December 2, 2006, 21:00

I don’t really know what’s a purrfect american family exactly nor an american dream. But I can live with that because even no one has got an exact definition of that :)

Anyway, I got your message. Let me just tell you that AFAIC, I don’t blame no citizens for their government’s acts. But sadly people everywhere do.

Like, I won’t be kicking or saying mean things to some american or israeli (in morocco) if I see them walking on the street. Neither will I do that to you :)

Comment from eatbees
Time: December 2, 2006, 21:10

Jeez Yahia I hope not! That would make you the first! :)

This post is probably directed more to my American friends. What I’m saying is that we’re a democracy, so we need to hold our leaders accountable for what was done in our name—an illegal war. Changing the leadership in Congress was a start, but only a start.

Comment from Moh
Time: December 3, 2006, 10:58

I second your appology eatbees. let ‘s see how we can climb out of the mess Bush got us into. Hopfuly the children of the world ours included, will do better reading of our history and use the knowledge to never let it happen again.
by the way what’s in the name? :))

Comment from eatbees
Time: December 3, 2006, 13:35

Thanks Moh for the visit. I named the website eatbees a few years ago, with the help of some friends. That was before the blog, when I was hiding in a corner and no one knew about me. (By the way, the oldest part of the website is here.) Why eatbees? I suppose because I like bees, which are creatures that know how to cooperate, and they represent wisdom in Sufi imagery (honey = wisdom). I also think that when I’m old, I’d like to live on a mountain somewhere (I would prefer a volcano) and raise bees. So why “eat” bees, you ask? I can’t really answer that. You tell me! :)

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