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Failure Syndrome

For anyone who still cares about the success of the American democratic project (I count myself as one) and who thinks it’s important to distinguish reality from psychotic fantasy (I include myself there, too) this analysis of what drives our President to repeated failure is both insightful and frightening.

    Bush’s lifelong feelings of inadequacy clearly haven’t gone away. They appear in his nervous laugh and awkward smile…. Most importantly, they also appear in a long string of presidential decisions containing elements that subvert the very goal he insists he’s accomplishing….
    Therapists are well-acquainted with the psychodynamic where an individual constructs his reality unconsciously by attempting to escape a set of circumstances, but using strategies that serve to reproduce those circumstances. So a person who grew up feeling abandoned in early life mysteriously manages in later life to find others who will abandon him….
    George W. Bush…takes action in a way that guarantees failure and will therefore soon require him to deploy his defenses to disguise his failure. […] On Iraq, Vice President Dick Cheney [channels] the president’s “bullying” and “presidential” defenses into specific policies of aggression…. Psychologically, this works for Bush on two levels: 1) it helps to ensure that actions for success will fail because they’re out of touch with reality; and 2) it reinforces the idea that only Bush’s reality is important. […]
    The public now faces the question of whether the president will soon fall prey to one of his “gut” inspirations telling him that to save the Middle East situation from failure, he will need to attack Iran.

It is possible that President Bush has gotten as far as he has because no one, particularly in the prideful upper echelons of Washington politics, can get their head around the idea that he and his administration are certifiably insane. So they continue to act as his enablers. Yet as time goes on, more and more people come to see the frightening truth. This explains the parade of retired generals, intelligence experts, and foreign policy analysts who have publicly repudiated the President.

We are in a race to the finish. Can Bush be stopped before he commits our nation to a catastropic failure from which it will never recover?


Comment from Sham in Ashrafieh
Time: February 10, 2007, 10:30

I highly appretiate your blog..amazing one indeed..i’m gonna enjoy reading it after am done with keep on posting:)

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