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America Tortures Diplomats?

Remember that Iranian diplomat who disappeared from the streets of Baghdad two months ago while buying a video for his daughter? He was kidnapped by paramilitaries with official Iraqi Interior Ministry ID, and there were dark hints that it was a U.S.-sponsored operation. Do you recall that he walked into Iran’s embassy last Tuesday, just one day before Iran’s release of fifteen captured British mariners? Of course there was no connection between the two events, as both Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad assured us. Well, the captured diplomat, Jalal Sharafi, is back in Tehran today, and he says he was tortured by the CIA during his two months of captivity. Of course, he’s an Iranian so we don’t have to believe a word he says, and he’s probably not a real diplomat anyway. Besides, the Geneva Conventions are “quaint” and President Bush has told us repeatedly that America “doesn’t torture.” So stick your head back in the sand, America, because none of this is happening.

UPDATE: According to the BBC, the head of the International Red Cross in Tehran met with Jalal Shafari and confirmed marks on his “feet, legs, back and nose but he was unable to say if they were the result of torture.” The story adds:

    Iranian television…quotes a doctor’s report saying there are signs someone drilled holes in his feet as well as broke his nose, injured his ear and wounded his neck and back.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that this story has gotten very little play in the U.S., but I have no reason to doubt that it is what it seems to be, an example of the U.S. sponsoring the kidnapping and torture of a diplomat from another nation. This only proves, I suppose, that one sign of moral debasement is losing the ability to recognize it in oneself.


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