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Caesar and the Midget

George W. Bush is mentoring Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

    He’s learning to be a leader. And one of my jobs as the president and his ally is to help him be that leader without being patronizing. At some point in time, if I come to the conclusion that he can’t be the leader—he’s unwilling to lead or he’s deceptive—then we’ll change course. But I haven’t come to that conclusion. As a matter of fact, his recent actions have inspired me.

Thanks to BAGnewsNotes for the images, and Robert Draper’s new book Dead Certain for the quote.


Comment from Hisham
Time: September 12, 2007, 09:59

Thanks for the tip on the Guardian article. I couldn’t agree more with your sharp analysis on the American political system. It’s oligarchy: power in the hands of unelected “private tyrannies” (another phrase of Chomsky’s). Just like Morocco where the Makhzen in made up of rich, highly influential notables, in America (as I modestly see it) people are given the illusion of democracy, having to choose between two business parties, headed by self anointed “political elite” who have pledged allegiance to real power holders: i.e. Multinationals, Lobby groups… etc.
Thanks brother. Keep up the good fight!

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