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Weblog Awards Finalist!

While I wasn’t paying attention, conservative blogger Jon Swift, whom inattentive readers sometimes think is writing parody but who is just a “reasonable conservative” as he says himself (so why don’t people believe him?) nominated me for the 2007 Weblog Awards in the “Best Middle East or Africa Blog” category. The list of finalists was announced today and I am on it, along with celebrity blog Iraq the Model, and blogs I enjoy like Sandmonkey and The Sudanese Thinker.

As an avid reader of blogs about the Middle East and North Africa, there are several I would like to see on the list besides my own. Perhaps it’s my own fault they aren’t there, because I should have nominated them while I had the chance. As I said, I wasn’t paying attention. Now I will have to wait until next year. Anyway, it’s an honor to be there, and I thank Jon Swift for offering his support to a humble debutant. (Mr. Swift was born in 1667 and has been blogging since the 18th century!)

If this sort of thing interests you, I encourage you to visit the Weblog Awards site and vote for me. If you’re going to do it, hurry up, because the polls close on November 8! While you’re at it, consider voting for Jon Swift in the category of Funniest Blog. In case you don’t know his work, he’s made a handy list of his best posts from the past year. Come to think of it, that’s a good idea. Here are a few of my own articles that I am proudest of. I’ve been blogging for just over a year now, so consider this an anniversary retrospective.

  • Do They Want to Kill Us?, October 2006 — Challenging the notion that Muslim youth are filled with hate for Westerners.
  • Progressive Islam, October 2006 — Online dialogues with two Moroccan friends, looking for the tolerant side of Islam.
  • The Friendly Fist, November 2006 — An examination of Morocco’s absolute monarchy. Is the monarchial system responsible for Morocco’s social inequality?
  • Privilege and Freedom, November 2006 — Perhaps well-off Moroccans themselves are not aware of the conditions in which the unlucky majority lives.
  • Political Paralysis in Morocco, November 2006 — A guest post by “Doga” in which he argues for Moroccan constitutional reform as a step toward restoring people’s trust in government.
  • Evolution in Islam, December 2006 — Exploring the notion of interpreting the Qur’an in a way that evolves with the times, using treatment of women as an example.
  • Waiting for the Rain, December 2006 — How cultural attitudes and the failure of the educational system have helped to encourage the lack of opportunity in Morocco.
  • Schizophrenic Morocco, December 2006 — Morocco is a nation of contradictions. Is this the Moroccan form of genius?
  • Censorship 2: The Jokes in English, December 2006 — English translation of the jokes published by Nichane which resulted in two journalists being put on trial for insulting Islam and the monarchy.
  • A Black Eye for Moroccan Freedom, January 2007 — More on the trial of the Nichane journalists, with a roundup of reactions from the Moroccan blogosphere.
  • Foreign Aristocrat, January 2007 — A meditation on my experience as a cultural outsider in Morocco.
  • What Is Truth?, January 2007 — Online dialogue about free speech and its limits. Is the Jewish Holocaust open to discussion, or is Holocaust denial always wrong?
  • The Price of Freedom, January 2007 — The voluntary exile of Aboubakr Jamaï, Morocco’s most courageous independent journalist.
  • Loss of Identity, January 2007 — An exploration of cultural identity. Is it fragile? Can it be lost? Can we construct our own?
  • Democracy and Its Obstacles, February 2007 — Why are young Moroccans indifferent to politics? Is democracy being blocked?
  • I Love to Read, February 2007 — Why don’t Moroccans read more? How can we change that?
  • Iran Fever: Part 6, March 2007 — Last of a long series of articles examining the chances that the U.S. will go to war with Iran.
  • Egypt’s Modern Pharaoh, March 2007 — Oppression and resistance in Egypt under Hosni Mubarak.
  • Why I Can’t Support Obama, July 2007 — Is Barack Obama just one more apologist for the American empire?
  • Insolence, August 2007 — Another censorship controversy in Morocco, this one involving an editorial criticizing the concentration of all power in the hands of the king.
  • Neoconservative Death Throes, August 2007 — A columnist with ties to Bush Administration officials calls for Bush to be made “President-for-Life.”
  • What the Nihilists Think, September 2007 — “Doga” explains why he is too disillusioned to vote in the upcomining Moroccan legislative elections.
  • Winners and Losers, September 2007 — An examination of the Moroccan election results, including the record low turnout, and the fracturing of the vote among six major parties.
  • Is Democracy Dead?, September 2007 — Is America becoming more like Morocco, a nation resigned to absolute power?

Finally, if you are interested in how this blog is viewed by an outside admirer, check out this recent interview with me in Ghasbouba.


Comment from Bill Day
Time: November 2, 2007, 05:49

Congratulations! from another “outside admirer.”

Comment from Hisham
Time: November 2, 2007, 13:59

At last, something worth VOTING for!
congratulations mate… well deserved!

Comment from moul
Time: November 2, 2007, 14:26

congrats. Hope u’ll be the winner!!

Comment from eatbees
Time: November 2, 2007, 16:55

Thanks everyone! If you want to help out, spread the word and ask others to vote. I can only vote for myself once a day ;) and so far, the top three vote-getters are all to one degree or another part of the Pajamas Media neocon blogger conspiracy… so if you appreciate the alternative point of view offered here, make yourself heard!

Meanwhile, please take the opportunity to look through some of the articles I’ve linked to if you haven’t seen them already (the earliest ones are from the days when this blog was nearly invisible) and let me know here in the comments what caught your eye!

Comment from Larbi
Time: November 4, 2007, 18:11

eatbees: quelque soit le résultat félicitations !
J’ai voté par conviction et par sympathie. Par conviction parce que ton blog est d’une excellent qualité malgré mon faible niveau en anglais je ne manque pas un seul post ! en plus tu nous apportes beaucoup concernant l’actualité Marocaine.
J’ai voté aussi par sympathie puisque t’as le don de réunir les deux et d’être quelqu’un de très sympathique et très adorable
Merci eatbees!

Comment from jilal
Time: November 4, 2007, 18:17

J’ai voté pour toi,avec plaisir.

Comment from eatbees
Time: November 4, 2007, 18:39

@Larbi & Jilal — Thanks and keep voting, and tell your friends, because I am now in a tight race for seventh place! With your support, at least I won’t feel like I got onto the list by mistake :p

Larbi, what you say is very sweet. I wonder how it could be true that you get your information about Morocco from me, since I get mine from you (and Ibn Kafka, AbMoul and others….) but I cherish being a member of the blogoma and your kind words give me the ambition to try harder!

Comment from Amine
Time: November 4, 2007, 21:20

It’s always a pleasure reading your blog, it was a pleasure rereading many of the articles you’ve reposted above….and definetly a pleasure voting for you…

Comment from homeyra
Time: November 5, 2007, 04:17

I am not sure if I’ll vote for you or for the Pajama crowd but will consider :) :)
I didn’t know Jon Swift’s blog, and I really enjoyed reading it.
Best wishes.

Comment from Bouba
Time: November 5, 2007, 22:54

Felisitation Eatbees,
i voted for you with unconditional support and devotion. you rock as my american friends say. en avant eatbeez, ila lamam, gher dat…!
i am glad you are there on top. even if you do not win you have the award that we give you. we are those who read you all the time.
best of wishes.

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