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Archive for February, 2008

My Middle Name Is Hussein

Barack Obama has been getting a lot of grief from right-wing bigots for no better reason than because his middle name is Hussein.

Land of the Free

“We tend to be a country in which incarceration is an easy response to crime. Being tough on crime is an easy position to take, particularly if you have the money.”

Moroccan Injustice System

Does the honor of the Moroccan monarchy demand the destruction of a young man’s life? Apparently so. In Morocco, freedom is not a right, but a gift of the state. It can be distributed or withdrawn at the whim of its rulers, from moment to moment.

The Cruelty Principle

My heart goes out to those young people who, by accident of birth, have all the curiosity and eager desire I had at twenty, but are trapped in a system whose officialdom displays its arrogance and cruelty as a badge of honor.

Education Is Development

Morocco has been ranked last for education reform among Arab nations, along with Djibouti, Yemen and Iraq. Not only that, but Morocco is last in a failing region, because “the quality of education in the Arab world is falling behind other regions” according to a World Bank report.

(Un)Christian Intolerance

The last thing Christians should do is condemn other religions for intolerance, when there is so much evidence of it in their own faith.

Experience or Inspiration?

If we’re really moving from one historical era to the next, then transformational change is what we need. But can Obama do it, or is he all talk and no action? In that case, Hillary would be the better choice. That’s the question we’re asking now.

Time to Put Cynicism Aside?

Of course Barack Obama is a politician, but he also seems to be inspiring a phenomenon, a cultural shift that is long overdue in America, and much bigger than one man.


In case you ever doubted whether the U.S. presence in Iraq is an occupation, President Bush is hoping to write imperial privileges into Iraqi law before leaving office.