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Towards Justice in Iran

There is objective proof now that the Iranian election was stolen. Juan Cole has the details.

Meanwhile, from the behavior of the Iranian state — arrests of opposition figures, a crackdown on communications, threats of “bloodshed and chaos” if the opposition doesn’t back down — it seems obvious that they have something to hide. They are acting threatened and cornered, not like their preferred candidate has just won a landslide victory.

Would a regime that enjoys broad popular support be acting like this (watch video) or this?

One of the things that stands out in these events is the courage of Iranian women, who have been in the front lines of the resistance from the beginning. Another is the inability of the major media to keep up with the story, and their dependence on citizen reporters on sites like YouTube and Twitter. Finally, there is the fact that while this is playing out before the eyes of the world, this is an Iranian struggle that must be won by the Iranians themselves. There is little the rest of us can do except bear witness as President Obama said yesterday.

Here is an excellent piece by Roger Cohen of the New York Times, who has somehow managed to be on the ground in Teheran, and who eloquently captures the essence of this dangrous, inspiring moment.

My best wishes to the Iranian people in their struggle for justice.


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