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Our World

Where ignorance dominates, injustice always finds a place.

Bastard Modernization

Too often in Morocco, modernization is what I call “bastard modernization,” which is either bricolage to serve the needs of the moment, or projects designed to enrich the interests of well-positioned individuals without serving the needs of the people.

Bricolage, Blessing or Curse?

Bricolage in Morocco isn’t the same as improvisation in a developed nation. It isn’t exotic, romantic, or an art form. It may be the sign of an inventive spirit, but more essentially it’s a response to a dysfunctional and even exploitative system.

Why Is Morocco Stuck?

When I reflect on the stuckness of Morocco I reflect on two things: the political and economic system, and the mentality of the people.

The Morocco Show

As we watched an open air concert I proposed, “So the rich want to turn Morocco into a show for foreigners to get their money, rather than developing the country in the interests of its people.” My friend replied, “That’s it in a nutshell.”

Data Isn’t Free

If you wake up one day to find your favorite sites like YouTube or Facebook blocked, don’t blame your local dictator — at least, not yet. Instead, blame capitalism. Or better yet, blame yourselves!

Financial Crisis = Criminal Fraud?

We are living through the consequences of a deliberate, coordinated, and ultimately criminal fraud involving mortgage lenders, investment banks and rating agencies, all of whom conspired to make huge profits by repackaging worthless loans as safe, secure investements.

Time to Choose: Us or Them?

President Obama, we hired you to make sweeping changes, not to be a servant of the status quo. Yet on the economic crisis in particular, you seem to be a prisoner of a complacent, self-serving orthodoxy that is preventing you from doing what needs to be done.

Behind the Crisis

If we’re going to learn anything from the economic crisis we’re in, we need to make sure that the same elites aren’t in power coming out of it that got us into it to begin with.

Inequality and the Global Crisis

We need to admit that it may be impossible to return to the magical days of easy growth and abundant resources. What if this is a crisis of scarcity? What if much of what we’ve called wealth for the last fifty years was illusory? Even the best policies will never rebuild what we had, if our way of life was unsustainable in the first place.