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Archive for 'Imperialism'

American Disaster

“No empire, even in its prime, can afford to pursue policies that estrange its allies, increase its overseas commitments, make its enemies forget their mutual quarrels and form alliances with one another, and destabilize the world political order, all at the same time.”

Obama: Drone Flights Continue

Last month, I asked how long it would be until a wedding party or sleeping family were blown up by a remote-controlled aircraft on Obama’s watch. We didn’t have to wait long. Just three days into his presidency, two drone attacks occurred in Pakistan.

Democracy Works?

I think Obama’s background leads him to feel lucky to be born an American, rather than a sense of entitlement simply because he is an American. This simple nuance makes all the difference.

Obama, Opportunist?

Ever since the election, instead of reaching out to the progressives who worked so hard to elect him, Obama has seized every opportunity to embrace the establishment. It does beg the question, did he run for office because his values are fundamentally different from those of the Bush administration, or simply to achieve power for himself?

Gandhi vs. the State

Gandhi’s concept of Swaraj is often translated “independence” but it is better translated “self-rule” or “rule over oneself.” in other words, self-mastery is a condition of true independence.

Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent

“In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than values to be treasured, they may well be essential to survival.”

Last Days as Emperor

The Bush administration is pressuring the Iraqi government to sign an accord in which they will agree to be trampled forever by American troops.

Thank You Fallujah

Is it too farfetched for Americans to thank the Iraqi resistance for giving us back our democracy?

Gaza Update

As a followup to doga’s post about the “dirty game” of “corrupt, interest-based politics” being played in Gaza, and the way we are all being sucked into it “voluntarily or involunarily,” here is a roundup of Gaza news that has appeared over the last few days.


In case you ever doubted whether the U.S. presence in Iraq is an occupation, President Bush is hoping to write imperial privileges into Iraqi law before leaving office.