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Today I found myself, not for the first time, arguing with a friend whether the U.S. under Bush was “sincere” in its desire to bring democracy to the Middle East. I went back to an April 2003 article by Josh Marshall, in which he lays out the grand vision neoconservatives had at the time, improbable as it was, in the first days of the war in Iraq.

“Beware the False Fury”

“This is a different season—this is the season of the Green Movement and the Arab Spring—do not be fooled by these zealotries of the fanatics who are trying to steal the revolution.”

Netanyahu, Make My Day!

Get it over with, already. Attack Iran! Just don’t drag President Obama into it.

Obama’s War of Choice

Did Obama “court” Iran not because he wanted a deal, but as a gesture designed to fail? Did he set out merely to show the world that he was being reasonable, that he offered his hand and Iran refused?

Iran: Let’s Be Clear

We need to be vigilant if we want to understand objectively what is currently happening in Iran, because there is always the possibility of hidden interests that want to manipulate the system to their own private ends.

Towards Justice in Iran

From the behavior of the Iranian state — arrests of opposition figures, a crackdown on communications, threats of “bloodshed and chaos” if the opposition doesn’t back down — it seems obvious that they have something to hide.

Iran’s Fair Election?

Despite the way it’s being played in the American media, it’s possible that the Iranian presidential election wasn’t stolen or rigged after all.

No More of This

Today I hit the road, first to visit friends in New York, then on to Paris, and finally Morocco before the end of the month. Watch this space as eatbees blog “goes live” from Morocco and around the world!

Citizen of the Blogosphere

I was interviewed last spring by blogger Reb (Rebecca Robinson) for her graduate school project, and I got an award from Homeyra, who blogs about culture and politics from Tehran.

Hillary: Three Shameful Quotes

Rather than dying with dignity, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been acting ever more mean-spirited and bizarre, to the point that she has said a number of things that truly scare me, forcing me to reconsider the respect for her that I once had.