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Killing Saddam

The way Saddam died left me feeling sorry for him. I never thought I would feel this way for a man who once killed a political rival by pounding nails into his skull. Maybe he didn’t deserve to be treated any better than he treated his fellow Iraqis, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

A Decent Man

The “accidental president,” Gerald Ford, died Tuesday at the age of 93. He left a few comments with Bob Woodward about the war in Iraq, along with permission to release them after his death. “Rumsfeld and Cheney and the president made a big mistake in justifying the war in Iraq….”

Hotel Diplomacy

“Prime Minister Maliki and I just had a very productive meeting. This is the third time we’ve met since he took office six months ago, and with each meeting I’m coming to know him better. He’s a strong leader who wants a free and democratic Iraq to succeed. The United States is determined to help him achieve that goal.”

Bush’s Spanking

Thanks to the gray old men (and one woman) of the Iraq Study Group, the magnitude of his unique, historic failure came crashing down on George W. Bush yesterday.

We’re Bombing Iraq

This is me at age seven, on vacation in Colorado with my parents. We’re playing the part of the “perfect American family.” Never did I imagine that one day I’d be saying this, but…sorry, world, for the war crimes!

Someone Gets It

As foreign policy types, politicians and commentators in the U.S. are getting stirred up about the new report by the Iraq Study Group, there is one man who has noticed the futility of all this.

What Went Wrong?

Kenneth Adelman, one of the Iraq war’s early promoters, speaks out: “There are a lot of lives that are lost. A country’s at stake. A region’s at stake. This is a gigantic situation…. This didn’t have to be managed this bad. It’s just awful.”

Voodoo Bush

President Bush has been hypnotized by Henry Kissinger, according to a former senior administration official. “He believes it’s a matter of political will. That’s what Kissinger told him. And he’s going to stick with it.”

Who Lost Iraq?

From Arthur Silber’s blog Once Upon a Time: “The blatantly obvious truth that all these political propagandists ignore is that, because of our unshakable ignorance about Iraq, its peoples, its culture and its history, we lost before the first American soldier set foot in that country.”

Victory, Now Get to Work

For years those of us who love social justice and our Constitution have suffered as arrogance, incompetence and greed have eroded our democratic system. Many of us have wondered if a day like today would ever come. What would it take to wake up the American people?