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Archive for 'Media'

The Big Lie Quote

Is truth really the enemy of the State? If it is, then the State has nefarious interests opposed to those of its own people.

Nostalgia, Excuses, and Starting Over

I want to express my intention to do something different, and strike off in a new direction. And in this, I hope you will help me.

Limits to Free Speech?

In defending the right to make a film insulting Mohammed, are Americans merely sticking up for our principles? Or are we picking and choosing?

Run and Tell That

Doesn’t Antoine Dodson speak for all of us, and our sense of powerlessness in some way? Don’t we all somehow feel under assault after a decade of economic crisis and war, with no end in sight? Antoine at least did something. He stopped a rapist, he protected his family, and he spoke up as we’d all like to do.

Fame = Existence

We live today in a society where it is necessary to see yourself, or your likeness, in the media as confirmation of your existence.

Blogging in Morocco

Is it possible that the recent wave of criminal prosecutions is, paradoxically, a result of greater freedoms? Perhaps they are growing pains as journalists and bloggers test the limits, and the state struggles to define its new boundaries?

Congress Demands Arab Censorship

Isn’t it ironic that around the same time Hillary Clinton made a big speech defending the “freedom to connect” on the internet, Congress should be demanding that Arab states use their authority to pull independent media off the air?

“Internet Freedom” as Foreign Policy?

Middle East expert Mark Lynch has some valuable thoughts on American efforts to use “internet freedom” to promote its foreign policy interests, particularly in Iran.

Data Isn’t Free

If you wake up one day to find your favorite sites like YouTube or Facebook blocked, don’t blame your local dictator — at least, not yet. Instead, blame capitalism. Or better yet, blame yourselves!

Amazing World

“When I read things like, ‘The foundations of capitalism are shattering,’ I’m like, ‘Maybe we need that.’ Because we live in an amazing, amazing world and it’s wasted on the crappiest generation of spoiled idiots that just don’t care.”