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Archive for 'Morocco'

Strength in Diversity

My latest essay for Talk Morocco is up, on the theme of “Moroccan identity.”

Blogging in Morocco

Is it possible that the recent wave of criminal prosecutions is, paradoxically, a result of greater freedoms? Perhaps they are growing pains as journalists and bloggers test the limits, and the state struggles to define its new boundaries?

The Noble Goat

Larache, Morocco, August 8, 2009.

Congress Demands Arab Censorship

Isn’t it ironic that around the same time Hillary Clinton made a big speech defending the “freedom to connect” on the internet, Congress should be demanding that Arab states use their authority to pull independent media off the air?

I’ve Been Nominated

I’ve been nominated for the 2010 Best of Morocco Blog Awards in two categories, best news blog and best overall blog.

The Case for the Moroccan Sahara

Why is it so hard to find views in the Western media supporting Morocco’s position on the Sahara conflict? I decided to look into things for myself, and see what I could come up with.

Islamic Parties Aren’t All That Popular

“Do Muslims automatically vote Islamic? … Given the choice, voters tend to go with secular parties, not religious ones.”

Seeing Morocco

I think I’m “seeing Morocco” more now that I’ve stayed several weeks in one spot, with a friend’s family in one small corner of Fez, than I was in the early weeks when I was traveling all over the place, visiting large cities and isolated towns.

Is Morocco a Closed Society?

It’s clear to me that the vast majority, even of tradition-minded people, are on the side of greater openness. They want its benefits and understand its necessity.

Bastard Modernization

Too often in Morocco, modernization is what I call “bastard modernization,” which is either bricolage to serve the needs of the moment, or projects designed to enrich the interests of well-positioned individuals without serving the needs of the people.